About Us

Otomate Me is a technology company. We build scaleable solutions for brands to delight and retain their customers in an intelligent, intuitive, cost effective, and automatic way. was built upon the premise of wanting to help busy working professionals to ‘otomate’ their recurring daily essentials. We believed that, every moment is precious and as a result, that we ought to spend it on the people and things that matter.

Our goal is to create the most seamless and easy to use technology to empower and enable those who need it most to have their needs fulfilled.

We hope you enjoy being part of our community and journey and welcome you here.

Co-founder & CEO

Kimberly is a national ice hockey athlete who is also a Malaysia Book of Records holder. She attained these accomplishments not without sacrifice which taught her to appreciate the value of her parent's support through their hard earned money and the time they committed.

It is from this understanding of the struggle to acquire all the above which led her to form Otomate Me to help give the power back to young families and parents. She believes that through harnessing the strength in numbers of strong and wide communities, that mummies can collectively take control over the prices paid to purchase their quality baby necessities.

Her diverse interest range and keenness to learn has enabled her to garner knowledge in the necessary fields to kickstart Otomate Me. She believes that this is only the beginning and appreciates those who have kindly contributed along the way to help build Otomate Me up.

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Co-founder & CTO

Azlan graduated from Monash University with Honours in Mechatronics Engineering in April of 2016. He has always been an enthusiastic inventor - a trait which helped him win the Telemedicine Innovation Challenge and the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition in 2015. His project, which was aimed at helping stroke survivors with their lengthy rehabilitation (by integrating technology to improve quality of life of patients) introduced him to the world of entrepreneurship.

Azlan worked at several different start-ups as a technical/product lead and project manager before deciding to strike out on his own with his partner, Kimberly. When Azlan founded Otomate Me, he had envisioned a service that would deliver unparalleled convenience to its users. By integrating human psychology, statistical analysis and technology, he was able to forecast the usage cycle of recurring products, and had hoped to 'otomate' the purchases that were a necessary nuisance. However, over time and through a better understanding of the target market, Otomate Me evolved. It's focus shifted from delivering convenience to promising community driven value.

With the support of his friends and family, Azlan hopes to drive the product development of Otomate Me and play his part in making Otomate Me the goto for young parents to get the greatest deals for products they, and their babies love.

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